SKU: AC-224

Traffic Light Control Trainer

1-Uses 16 LEDs(Green, Yellow, Red, Arrow) to simulate the traffic conditions of 4 direction traffic signals.

2-Includes 2 push buttons for pedestrian to cross the street.

3-Micro processor can be used to adjust the sequence and timing of traffic signals based on pedestrian and vehicle flow.

4-Micro processor chooses the optimal traffic signal timing based on road priorities and traffic conditions.


Input Signal control switch × 8.
Pedestrain input switch × 2.
Synchronous signal switch × 1.
Signal delay switch × 1.
Ready switch × 4.
Signal display LED Pedestrian signal RED square LED × 8.
Vehicle signal RED LED × 4.
Pedestrain signal Green square LED × 8.
Vehicle signal Gren LED × 4.
Arrow signal Green LED × 4.
Power D.C +5V(3A), +12V(1A), -12V(0.5A) (Free Voltage S.M.P.S).
Cover Acryloyl cover.
Case Aluminum case.
Size(mm)  270(W) × 115(H) × 220(D).



- User's Manual.
- Demo program.
- Connector cable(20pin or 30pin).


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