SKU: BA-003

Solar Power Training System

- Experiments of stand-alone photovoltaic generation system are allowed by stand-alone inverters and built-in batteries
- Monitoring is available by generation overview and statistics/analysis data RS485 communication with renewable energy generation software

Solar & Wind Power Module DC voltage meter(500V) : 1ea
DC current meter(200A) : 1ea
Solar & Wind input/output Terminal : each 1ea
Solar & Wind Indicator : 2ea
Shunt(200A/50mV) : 1ea
Circuit breaker : 1ea
Circuit diagram : 1ea
Solar Charge Controller Module Solar charge controller :1ea
Circuit breaker : 1ea
Fixed terminal : 3ea
Stand Alone Inverter Module AC voltage meter(500V) : 1ea
AC ampere meter(5A) : 1ea
AC power meter(1200W) : 1ea
Frequency meter(60Hz) : 1ea
Inverter(1200W/50Hz) : 1ea
Fixed terminal : 3ea
Circuit diagram : 1ea
AC Outlet Module Digital timer : 1ea
Circuit breaker : 2ea
Grounded outlet(2hole) : 2ea
Battery Bank Module Battery(24V,100A) : 2ea
Main system power switch : 1ea
Circuit breaker(200A) : 1ea
Main system power lamp : 1ea
AC voltage meter(500V) : 1ea
AC ampere meter(5A) : 1ea
Communication Port(RS-485) input & output : 2ea
Communication port(RS-232C) : 1ea
System case Size : 600(W)×750(D)×1600(H) mm
Outside setup KIT SUS or AL profile
outside piping and Wiring



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