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Professional Fuel Cell Training System

- Measure exactly characteristics and generation of fuel batteries depending on amount of hydrogen generation, with mounted of 7W electric cracker and 2.5W Dual fuel battery. 
- Understand generation characteristics of parallel/serial connection, experiment of energy conversion by electrolysis experiments in connection with solar generation. 
- Provide presentation about scientific principle of fuel batteries
Hybrid combination experiments of Solar Cell and Fuel Cell. Solar cell uses power which is produced for hydrogen through water electrolysis. It is also available in combination experiment of renewable energy. Generation efficiency experiment depending on connection method of fuel batteries. With dual fuel batteries, generation experiment is available depending on power electric connection method; generation efficiency experiment is also available with supply amount of hydrogen. Understand of fuel batteries configuration. PEM and step batteries assemble with acrylic to understand operation principles and configuration of fuel energy. Indicator with high draft Using digital voltmeter and ammeter with high draft allows measuring generation efficiency and data, various load experiment is also available. Provide experimental manual and guide book. Provide an experimental guild book for understanding basic practice and principles, application experiments of user is also available


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