SKU: BA-012

Solar Power Street Light Training System

- Applied solar generating system which converts solar to electric energy by using of a cell plate. Converted electric energy is stored in storage battery in the daytime and used for lighting on a streetlight at nighttime.
- No need to do underground wiring works and additional expenses except the installation cost of streetlights due to utilizing natural solar energy. In addition, maintenance cost is very cheap.
- Keep lighting for three days without sunshine, if electricity storage is full. Moreover, lighting of the system does not harm human beings or crops, and has functions to extirpate harmful insects and purify air. 
- Automatically turn on after sunset, and turn out at the same time of sunrise. 
- Storage battery is high efficiency and tight lead accumulator.
- Solar module is high efficiency and single crystal silicone cell type. 
- All-in-one controller is high efficiency. It consists of inverter, charging controller, and high-pressure generator.

Open circuit voltage 42.0V
Optimum power voltage 34.7V
Short circuit current 3.25A
Optimum operating current 2.86A
Watts peak 100Watt
Module size (W)×(H)×(D)mm 1,316×660×35


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