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Wind Power Training System

- Experiments for principle and characteristics of Wind Power Generation.
- Experiments for principle and characteristics of using Wind Power Energy.
- Practice and understanding of Renewable Energy System.
- Experiments of electric power characteristics for wind power generation.
- Training for Control of wind power generator and power consumption control technology.
- Secure a new technology and apply to education and industrial field.


Description BA-014A BA-015B BA-015C
Rotor size 1.15m 2.1m 2.7m
Weight 5.85Kg 22.56Kg 39.46Kg
Start-up wind speed 3.85m/s 3.4m/s 3.1m/s
Voltage 12,24 or 48VDC 12,24 or 48VDC 12,24 or 48VDC
Rated power 400watts(12,5m/s) 900watts(12,5m/s) 1000watts(12,5m/s)
Over-speed protection Electronic torque control Side-Furling Side-Furling
Watt hours/Month Max. 38Kwh Max. 100Kwh Max. 158Kwh


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