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PLC XGK trainer

1)AF-185 is a training system designed to help understanding of the fundamentals of PLC and automatic control for engineering students and technicians who study PLC.         
2) AF-185 is designed to practice the automation process in the industry from analysis and  utilization of elementary components to their applications. The training system adopts only the components used in the industry.        
3) Automatic control is the basis of sequence control and design itself would be impossible without analysis of components and their functions. It would be also impossible to implement creative control and to design program using PLC without such analysis of components and their functions.       
4) Applies XGK series PLC, allowing students to learn about next generation PLC in automated era.       
5) 32 INPUT, 32 OUTPUT         
6) Practice various programs by connecting an IBM PC         
7) In case of equipped with dedicated lab, useful ergonomic desktop-type lay-out and design       
8) Empty slots of PLC mounted in a dummy module facilitates further performance enhancement.       

Chap 1. Overview of  XGK PLC     
Chap 2. XGK hardware configuration and features     
Chap 3. Software operation and commands     
Chap 4. Experiment using input switches     
Chap 5. Experiment on PLC-based circuit configuration      
Chap 6. Experiment on input and output     
Chap 7. Experiment on motor control with output      
Chap 8. Experiment on motor drive control     
Chap 9. Experiment on flicker control with a timer     


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