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Relay Drive experimental kit

1)AF-193 is designed to drive relays required for sequence control and PLC driving.This training system is intended to help understanding of automatic control using relays and switches,which are basic components of control, and lamps for display.         
2) The relays mounted on the Relay Drive-1000 are used for sequence control with low-power contacts.When used for PLC control, the relays are connected to terminals of PLC OUTPUT to control load with the relay contacts.         
3) Auxiliary relays mounted on the Relay Drive-1000 are classified into the four types of 1A1B (LY1), 2A2B (LY2), 3A3B (LY3) and 4A4B (LY4) depending on relay contact types. The type given in a parenthesis is the nomenclature typically used in the industry.         
4) Power supply is classified into AC and DC types. AC types include 110V and 220V, and DC types include  24V, 48V, 100V and 200V.         
5) Compatible with PLC trainer.         
6) Compatible with sequence trainer.         
7) Practice sequence control of relays.          

Chap 1. Overview of relay    
Chap 2. Experiment on characteristics of relay contacts    
Chap 3. Indicator lamp types and utilization    
Chap 4. Push button switch types and utilization    
Chap 5. Experiment on relay ON, OFF inching circuit     
Chap 6. Experiment on Relay ON, OFF interlock circuit     
Chap 7. Experiment on relay holding circuit     


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