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Sequence training kit

1) AF-196 is a training system designed to help understanding of the fundamentals and automatic control of sequence for engineering students and technicians who study sequence control.        
2) The sequence control trainer is designed to practice the automation process in the industry from analysis and utilization of elementary components to their applications. The training system adopts only the components used in the industry.        
3) Automatic control is the basis of sequence control and design itself would be impossible without analysis of  components. It would also be impossible to implement creative control and to design program using PLC without such analysis of components.        
4) This training system covers basic selection of breakers, utilization of electronic contactors, utilization of auxiliary relays, features of electronic timers, features of electronic counters, utilization and features of temperature  controller, etc. Students can automatically access automatic control by conducting experiments using the control devices provided optionally.        

Chap 1. Experiment on relay ON, OFF inching and interaction circuit        
Chap 2. Experiment on relay holding circuit        
Chap 3. Experiment on sequence control with magnetic contactors       
Chap 4. Experiment on holding circuit with magnetic contactors        
Chap 5. Experiment on sequence control with timers       
Chap 6. Experiment on sequence control with counters       
Chap 7. Experiment on sequence control with sensors       
Chap 8. Experiment on FND control with input and output        
Chap 9. Experiment on BCD output control with a timer       
Chap 10. Experiment on DC motor drive control        
Chap 11. Experiment on single-phase induction motor drive control       
Chap 12. Experiment on forward & reverse/multistep speed control of single-phase induction motor       
Chap 13. Experiment on forward and reverse control of three-phase induction motor       
Chap 14. Experiment on Y-Δ drive control of three-phase induction motor       
Chap 15. Experiment on motor brake with a sensor       
Chap 16. Experiment on temperature control with a temperature controller        
Chap 17. Experiment on level controller       


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