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Stepping Motor experimental kit

1) AF-192 is a training system designed to help understanding of the fundamentals and automatic control of stepping motors used to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.        
2) This stepping motor trainer is designed to practice the principle of stepping motor and sequence control using PLC It is designed to control motor speed by adjusting time offset of pulse with PLC, to control 200 steps or 400 steps per revolution of a stepping motor in the forward or reverse direction and to count the contact signal of PLC to control time offset.        
3) The training system puts an emphasis on stepping motor control using a reserved slot of PLC rather than the concept that stepping motor can be controlled just with a special controller or a microprocessor.        
4) Stepping motors are distinguished from other motors in that digital electrical signal is converted to mechanical dynamic energy.        
5) Speed of a stepping motor is controlled by the rate of pulses sequentially applied to the four ports By the structural features, stepping motor is apt to stop as soon as no pulse is appliedIt is widely used for paper transport in a copy machine and feeding machines as it gives a large torque at a compact size.        
6) Compatible with PLC and sequence trainer.        
7) Practice the principle and control of stepping motor.        
8) Check the driving state of stepping motor        
9) 1- phase, 2- phase and 1-2 phase control.        

Chap 1. Overview of stepping motor     
Chap 2. Experiment on forward control of stepping motor     
Chap 3. Experiment on reverse control of stepping motor     
Chap 4. Experiment on motor control using a stepping motor controller     
Chap 5. Experiment on stepping motor speed control      
Chap 6. PLC-based 1-phase sequential control of stepping motor     
Chap 7. PLC-based 2-phase sequential control of stepping motor      
Chap 8. PLC-based stepping motor speed control      
Chap 9. PLC-based stepping motor control with revolution detection     


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