SKU: AB-919

Multimedia Robot Controller

 The AB-919 Robot Multimedia Controller can be used as audio, video, LCD display and wireless communication processing unit for robotic applications.  Its onboard firmware makes the low level function modules such as audio module and image module transparent to the users.  A host (e.g. PC, DSP, or processor) will be used to communicate and control the AB-918 for different applications through the UART (serial) interface. The system can help robotic and AI researchers and developers focus on the high level scheme and algorithm design, and avoid the hassle of writing low level device drivers and troubleshooting the electronic circuits. The ease of use, powerful functionality and onboard intelligence can eliminate design risk, streamline hardware and software development, and significantly shorten the time to delivery while effectively reducing the cost.  Note that AB-925 (RS232 Interface Module) and AB-926 (RS232 Cross-over Serial Cable) are required for wired connection of AB-919 to PC or to devices with RS232 serial communication port.

 -120MIPS 16-bit fix-point DSP
 -1M x 16-bit words flash
 -Up to 256K x 16-bit words SRAM

  • Real-time clock
  • full duplex UART (x2)

 -Embedded firmware for image capturing, audio recording and playback, LCD graphic display, and wired and wireless communication
 -Interfaces to

  • Digital inputs for on/off signals (x4)
  • Parallel expansion port for sensing and control (Reserved)
  • Audio codec and amplifier module (x1)
  • CMOS image sensor module (x1)
  • Graphic LCD display module (x1)
  • Sensing and motion controller (x1)
  • Serial Bluetooth wireless module or MCR3210 RS232 interface module (x1)

  - WiFi 802.11g serial module with antenna (x1)


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