SKU: AB-920

Servo Controller

The AB-920 Servo Controller can be used to control 6 standard RC servo motors. A host (e.g. PC, DSP, or processor) will be used to communicate and control the PMS5000 for different applications through the UART (serial) interface.  Note that AB-925 (RS232 Interface Module) and AB-926 (RS232 Cross-over Serial Cable) are required for wired connection of AB-920 to PC or to devices with RS232 serial communication port.

 -40MIPS 16-bit fix-point hybrid DSP/MCU
 -36K x 16-bit words flash
 -2.5K x 16-bit words SRAM

  • System voltage monitoring (x1)
  • Watchdog timer (x1)
  • Full duplex UART (x2)

 -Interface to

  • Standard RC servo motor, (x6)
  • Multimedia controller (x1)
  • Serial Bluetooth wireless module or MCR3210 RS232 interface module (x1)

  - WiFi 802.11g serial module with antenna (x1)


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