SKU: AB-411

Animated Head mobile robot

The AB-411 integrates with our animated head system with an X80 base. It provides broader versatility for researchers and developers who like the features of the DRK-8080, but would prefer a platform whose size and power are closer to that of the X80.

AB-411 matches the servo and sensor specifications of the standard X80 with a few improvements. Rather than a pan-and-tilt camera, the AB-411 has a five servo animatronic head with an integrated IR sensor. The microphone and speaker that are mounted on the X80 are replaced by the microphone and speaker built into the animatronic head. The LCD panel mounted on the front of the AB-411 also makes it distinct from the standard X80. This display is an STN negative blue, transmissive, wide temperature LCD and supports a resolution of 128x64 pixels.

Included Main Modules:

AB-932 Animated Head Mechanical Construction Set 1
AB-411 ME AB-411 Mechanical Construction Set 1
AB-918 Robot Sensing and Motion Controller 1
AB-919 Multimedia Controller 1
AB-933 DC Motor Driver Module with Position and Current Feedback 1
AB-916 Color Image Module with Camera 1
AB-935 Ultrasonic Range Sensor Module 3
AB-937 Pyroelectric Human Motion Sensor Module 2
AB-938 Sharp IR Distance Measuring Sensor 7
AB-925 RS232 Interface Module 1
AB-923 WiFi 802.11 Wireless Module 1
AB-912 80hm 1W Speaker 1
AB-911 Audio Codec and Audio Power Amplifier Module 1
AB-910 Uni-directional Electret Microphone 1
AB-928 RS232 Cross-over Serial Cable 1
N/A Servo 5
AB-917 128x64 Graphic LCD Module 1
N/A 12V DC Motor 2
N/A 1200 count per wheel cycle Optical Encoder 2
AB-914 7.2V Ni-MH 3800mAh Battery Pack 1
N/A Universal Charger 1


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