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EDU mobile robot

The AB-578 robot is designed for education and teaching. Equipped with several sensors and a programmable 8bit MCU, the robot is able to avoid obstacles, detect ambient light intensity  and follow a line on the floor.  Other equipments include programmable LED, buzzer and switches.  The Extension Bus system provides a great and easy way to extend the robot capabitlies. Several modules are available and all the technical details are available  to design your own extension. With the Extension Bus system, the robot can be improved without limits.
Use BotStudio to program your robot with an intuitive and easy to use graphical programming tool. Anyone can write behavior based programs without learning a programming language. BotStudio is the perfect solution for teachers to introduce basic concepts of computer science. Advanced users can then program the robot with C language using a complete API and open source HemiOS operating system.

Simulate your programs with a 3D real time simulation tool. Based on the Webots professional simulation software, this tool allows debugging,  tuning and visualisation of the programs without risks to damage the robot.  For school rooms, several computers can be equipped with the simulation software  and a couple of Hemisson robots can be used for real world testing.

ElementsTechnical Information
Processor PIC16F877 (20MHz CPU clock, 8bit, 8K words program memory)
Motors 2 DC motors to drive independantly both wheels. Zero turning radius. Open loop control without encoders.
Sensors 8 ambient light sensors (infrared). 6 obtacle detecttion sensors (infrared). 2 line detection sensors.
Battery 1 connector for a standard 9V battery.
I/O Interface 1 serial port for communication with computer (DB9 connector).
1 TV remote receiver. 1 Buzzer. 4 LEDs. 4 Programmable Switches.
Extensions 1 extension bus for additional modules. 1 slot for a felt pen in the center of the robot.
Size 12cm (4.7") diameter.
Weight 200g

1- Robot
It is delivered fully assembled and programmed with example of basic behaviors:
obstacle avoidance, line following, TV remote control and dance demonstration.
2- Serial Cable
  To connect the robot to the serial port of your PC. A USB < > Serial bridge can be used
   for computers without a serial port.
3- 9V Battery
  Provides 2-hours autonomy in obstacle avoidance mode.
  This is a standard 9V battery. We recommend using rechargeable battery for intensive use.
4- User's manual
  A clear manual to make your first steps with AB-578.
  This standard felt-pen allows to plot the trajectory of the robot by setting it
   in the slot in the center.
6- Additional software
  AB-578's CD includes the firmware source code reusable with the CCS C compiler,
many libraries, and an electronic version of AB-578's Documentation.



1- Teach Science and Technology.
 It is the perfect solution for teachers looking for an attractive,
affordable and complete teaching material. No need to assemble the robot before the course,
This Robot is ready to use, of-the-box. It can receive many extension modules opening up
unlimited possibilities.
For programming, we recommend the DeLuxe Pack and Webots.

2- Discover the latest progess in mobile robotics.
  Artificial intelligence hobbyists can control This Robot via a serial port with Visual Studio
C/C++ program, Matlab or with any programming environment accessing the serial port.
At Last, you can program it either with CCS C Compiler.
 For basic experiments BotStudio is an easy to learn option which simulate
the robot's behaviour inside Webots  before uploading to AB-578.

3- Build your own robotics module on a versatile platform.
  Robot hobbyists looking for an existing platorm to extend or modify it will like the robust
  mechanics that can be easily adapted to different needs. Moreover, thanks to the electronics
   schematics, you can even create your own extension.   


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