SKU: AB-585

Mini mobile robot platform with gripping arms

AB-585 is a ready to use mobile robot platform designed for remote monitoring/patroling applications requiring object manipulation or other direct physical interaction with the robot's surroundings.

Included Main Modules:

AB-410-ME AB-410 Chassis with 2 arms and grippers (5-DOF Arm x2 + 1-DOF Gripper x2) 1
AB-918 Robot Sensing and Motion Controller 2
N/A 640 x 480 Camera 1
AB-933 DC Motor Driver Module with Position and Current Feedback 1
AB-935 Ultrasonic Range Sensor Module 3
AB-938 Sharp IR Distance Measuring Sensor 6
AB-925 RS232 Interface Module 1
AB-923 WiFi 802.11 Wireless Module 1
AB-928 RS232 Cross-over Serial Cable 1
AB-917 128 x 64 Graphic LCD Module 1
N/A Servo 12
N/A 12V DC Motor 2
N/A 800 count per wheel cycle Optical Encoder 2
N/A 12V Ni-MH 3800mAh Battery Pack 2
N/A SCOUT Pro Battery Charger 1


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