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STEP Motor Robot trainer

STEP robot Trainer is an educational robot assembly kit in which modules are connected through flat cables, and user can assemble the provided components to make the DC motor robot kit. User can learn about microprocessors with the assembled robot kit, and the robot is extensible so that user can do practice with the extension modules. Also, user can download programs with AVR Studio 4, and user can practice programming for various parts of the microcontroller with the source programs provided in STEP robot Trainer.

1) By using AVR-Family series, Microcontroller ATmega128 which AVR Core is built-in,     
    (a) Infrared sensor experiment     
    (b) Motor experiment    
    (c) DC motor experiment using PWM    
    (d) Forward, backward, Acceleration, Deceleration experiment on Motor    
    (e) Motor operation experiment by sensor     
    (f) Line tracer experiment    
2) by using the expansion module,    
    (a) Dot Matrix experiment     
    (b) LED experiment     
    (c) KEY experiment     
    (d) TEXT LCD experiment     
    (e) Graphic LCD experiment     
    (f) STEP motor experiment    
    (g) SERVO motor experiment     
    (h) Ultrasonic sensor experiment    
    (i) PSD sensor experiment     
    (j) FND experiment     
3) For STEP motor robot practice,     
   (a) Assembling STEP Motor robot    
   (b) Operating practice of STEP motor robot     
   (c) Programming practice of STEP Motor robot    

1. About STEP motor robot      
2. Block Diagram      
3. Contents of Experiment      
4. Types of external expansion module      
5. Description of Robot components     
6. Circuit diagram     
7. Program Download      
8. About AVR      
9. AVR Microcontroller types      
10. Features of ATmega128     
11. Explanation of ATmega128 port     
12. Internal structure of ATmega128      
13. ATmega128 Memory     
14. System Clock      
15. Timer/Counter Oscillator      
16. System Control and Reset      
17. Watchdog Timer      
18. Experiment 1. LED      
19. Explanation on STEP motor      
20. Experiment 2. STEP motor experiment - 1      
21. Experiment 3. STEP motor experiment - 2      
22. Experiment 4. STEP motor experiment - 3     
23. Explanation on Sensor       
24. Experiment 5. LED experiment using Sensor      
25. Experiment 6. Motor experiment - 1 using Sensor      
26. Experiment 7. Motor experiment - 2 using Sensor      
27. Experiment 8. Explanation on Infrared Sensor      
28. Experiment 9. LED experiment using Sensor      
29. Experiment 10. Motor experiment using Sensor      
30. Experiment 11. Robot assembling experiment for STEP motor Line-tracer robot - 1     
31. Experiment 12. Robot assembling experiment for STEP motor Line-tracer robot - 2     
32. Programming practice for STEP Motor robot      

USB Downloader                                                           1
Interface module 1
TM128-100  1
TM-MOT200  1
Motor  2
Wheel  2
Sensor board  1
Main frame  1
"L" Width 1x1 frame  4
Supporting pole 10mm    8
Supporting pole 50mm    4
Driver  1
Nut Driver  1
12Cm flat cable   2
Bolt  50
Nut driver  50
5mm Bolt  10
Power cable   1








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