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Omni-direction wheel

Omni-directional wheels are unique as they are able to roll freely in two directions. It has rollers mounted along its circumstance . It can either roll like a normal wheel or roll sideway using the rollers. Its rubber rollers offers great gripping. It is suited for use in robotic, trolleys, transfer conveyor, shipping carts, luggage.

Wheel Dia Axial
Body material Net
100mm 19mm 9 Plastic 127 20
100mm 19mm 9 Plastic 142 20
100mm 30mm 18 Plastic 290 40
100mm 30mm 18 Plastic 320 40
100mm 9mm 9 Alunimum 150 15
100mm 9mm 9 Alunimum 165 15
100mm 30mm 18 Alunimum 320 30
100mm 30mm 18 Alunimum 335 30
127mm 9mm 11 Alunimum 220 15
127mm 9mm 11 Alunimum 230 15
127mm 29mm 22 Alunimum 460 30
127mm 29mm 22 Alunimum 480 30
152mm 9mm 14 Alunimum 280 15
152mm 9mm 14 Alunimum 275 15
152mm 29mm 28 Alunimum 600 30
152mm 29mm 28 Alunimum 630 30
100mm 60mm 18 Alunimum+
650 40

- Omni direction movement and rotation
- Easily direction control and tracking
- Make turning fast
- Precision placement— no offset movement
- Require no lubrication or field maintenance.
- Unique fixed orientation
- Simple & stable mounting options
- Direct tracking & directional control
- Superior load stability

- Material handing equipment
- Shopping carts and luggage
- Freezer duty torlleys and carts
- Conveyor transfers pipe rollers and other inverted applications
- Ball transfer table alternatives
- Robotics
- Mobile furniture

Single plate or double plate:
Single plate omni wheels have a single plate of passive rollers. Dual plate omni wheels have two plates
of passive rollers that are rotated slightly with respect to each other. Dual plate omni wheels have the
advantage of no "dead area" between rollers. That is, when a dual plate omni wheel is rolling, the two
plates continuously take turns bearing the load, resulting in smoother motion when compared to single
plate omni wheels. When used in a holonomic drive-train, the distance between the floor contact points
of any wheel pair changes each time a dual plate omni wheel switches plates while turning. This can
cause jerky motion while the base is rotating. For this reason, some prefer single plate omni wheels,
which do not have this problem.


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