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Omni Wheel

The omni wheel is an omni multi-directional wheel and it can either roll like a normal wheel or roll laterally using the wheels along its circumference. The omni wheel provides the ability to move in any direction without the need of a traditional swivel mount. Each wheel acts independently to improve control and allows you to rotate and move sideways in confined spaces. Meanwhile, these wheels allow moving forward/backwards and rotation without changing its orientation. The omni wheels are available in double plate. The omni wheels have two single plates, and each plate with four rollers.

- Multidirectional movement
- Low maintenance
- Robust, durable and high impact
- Easier directional control and tracking
- Simple and stable mounting

- Robotics
- Passive wheels
- conveyor systems
- Ball transfer table alternatives
- Conveyor transfers pipe rollers and other inverted application

The omni wheels are ideal for use as a floor wheel and robot wheel that fixing
to be connected for Axle Centre of the LEGO
mindstorms NXT and servo motor which according to your individual needs.
The omni wheel is a conveyor skate wheel and these
wheels make use of other applications, it allow for movement in
multiple direction. The lightweight Omni-Wheel is ideal for carton
flow storage and display racks.
Omni wheels can be used in power conveyor systems. You can
mount them into different parts of your conveyor system, such as
the conveyor itself or a transfer table.



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