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Automobile Air Conditioning Trainer

Automobile air conditioning systems are used to cool the air in the interior of the vehicle. They work, in most cases, according to the recirculating air principle, sucking the air to be cooled from the inside itself.

The objective of the automobile air conditioning trainer designed by  is to introduce the student into the complex world of the air conditioning systems, as well as studying and determining the optimum parameters for the operation of the unit concerning the basic functions of an automobile.

1- Study of the typical elements of a cooling system.

2- Simulation of the automobile engine speed variation.

3- Cooling depending on the condenser’s fan.

4- Cooling depending on the inlet fan to the interior of the vehicle.
5- Energy balance in the evaporator and condenser.

6- Determination of the system efficiency.

7- Experimental determination of the air specific heat capacity.

8- Determination of the parameters that take part in an air conditioning process.


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