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Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit

This unit has as objective to introduce the student in the world of the air conditioning installations, as well as to study and determine the good parameters for the unit operation in function of the environmental demands (humidity, heat, temperature and refrigeration, etc).

1- Demonstration of the processes and components used in heating,cooling, humidification, de-humidification of an airstream.

2- Efficiency determination of the preheating resistance.
3- Preheating effect in an air conditioning installation.
4- De-humidification process study.
5- Material balance in the evaporator.
6- Energy balance in the evaporator.
7- Re-heat effect.
8- Experimental determination of the air specific heating capacity.

9- Obtaining of the steam generator efficiency curve.
10- Energy balance in the steam generator.

11- Calibration.
12- Psychrometric chart.
13- Determination of the airflow.
14- Example of the air properties determination.
15- Usage of psychrometric chart.
16- Properties of the refrigerant R134a.
17- Enthalpy-Pressure diagram for the refrigerant R134a.


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