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Recirculating Air Conditioning Unit

The unit has been designed to study both the changes in the air conditions and the refrigeration circuit. For that purpose, temperature sensors, pressure meters and flow meters have been strategically located, allowing to study the refrigeration cycle and to quantify the capacity of the evaporation and condensation unit.

The unit basically consists of a testing tunnel made of stainless steel, which has four windows (sight glasses). Inside there is an axial fan, two heating elements, one at the inlet of the evaporation unit of 2000W and other at the outlet of 1000W. There are also 5 hygrometers strategically located along the tunnel. These hygrometers consist of two temperature sensors (wet and dry bulb).

1- Demonstration of the processes of air heating, cooling, humidification, de-humidification, recirculating and mixing.

2- Efficiency determination of the preheating element.
3- Preheating effect in an air conditioning installation.
4- Dehumidification process study.
5- Mass balance in the evaporator.
6- Energy balance in the evaporator.

7- Re-heat effect.
8- Experimental determination of the air specific heating capacity.

9- Study of de-humidification in a recycling process.
10- Psychrometric chart.
11- Usage of Psychrometric chart.
12- Determination of the air flow.

13- Example of the air properties determination.

14- Properties of the refrigerant R134a.
15- Enthalpy-Pressure diagram for the refrigernt R134a.
16- Demonstration of recirculating and the "aiabatic" mixing of two air streams at different states.
17- Obtaining of the steam generator efficiency curve.

18- Energy balance in the steam generator.



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