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Computer Controlled unit for the study of a Refrigeration circuit with variable load with SCADA

With the AG-328  unit we can examine and study a refrigeration circuit under an adjustable load. Refrigeration circuit with water circuit as load. Defined cooling load by controlled water temperature.The purpose of this refrigeration circuit is the production of cold water.This unit is mounted on an anodized aluminium structure and panels in painted steel.Main metallic elements in stainless steel.Diagram in the front panel with similar distribution to the elements in the real unit.Refrigeration circuit with:Compressor, computer controlled.Condenser with fan, computer controlled.Thermostatic expansion valve.Evaporator.Water circuit with:Pump, computer controlled.Tank with heater as cooling load at the evaporator.The heater is computer controlled to adjust the tank temperature.Pressure switches.Temperature sensors distributed at key points of the unit, to measure the coolanttemperature, the water temperature and the air temperature.Pressure sensors and Manometers.Coolant and water flow sensors.Power measurement from the computer (PC).This unit has been designed for the use with SES36 refrigerant, CFC-free.The complete unit includes as well:
Advanced Real-Time SCADA.Open Control + Multicontrol + Real-Time Control.Specialized EDIBON Control Software based on Labview.National Instruments Data Acquisition board (250 KS/s , kilo samples per second).Calibration exercises,which are included, teach the user how to calibrate a sensor and theimportance of checking the accuracy of the sensors before taking measurements.Projector and/or electronic whiteboard compatibility allows the unit to be explained and demonstrated to an entire class at one time.Capable of doing applied research, real industrial simulation, training courses, etc. Remote operation and control by the user and remote control for  technical support, are
always included.Totally safe, utilizing 4 safety systems (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic & Software).Designed and manufactured under several quality standards.Optional CAL software helps the user perform calculations and comprehend the results.This unit has been designed for future expansion and integration. A common expansion is the Scada-Net (ESN) System which enables multiple students to simultaneously operate many units in a network.
This unit consists of: 
-AG-328/CIB. Control Interface Box.
-DAB. Data Acquisition Board.
- AG-328 CCSOF.Computer Control +Data Acquisition+Data Management Software.
-Cables and Accessories.

1.- Study of the refrigeration process.
2.- Study of a refrigeration circuit under an adjustable load.
3.- Study and familiarisation with each of the components of a refrigeration system (compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, pressure switches, etc).
4.- Determination of the cooling power (refrigeration capacity).
5.- Determination of the performance coefficient.
6.- Study of the operating behaviour under load.
7.- Preparation of performance curves.
8.- Determination of the compressor pressure ratio.
9.- Measurement of the electrical power.
10.- Representation of the thermodynamic cycle in a P-H diagram.
11.- Measurement of the temperature in the main points of therefrigeration process. Additional practical possibilities:
12.- Sensors calibration. Other possibilities to be done with this Unit:
13.- Many students view results simultaneously.To view all results in real time in the classroom by means of a projector or an electronic whiteboard.
14.- Open Control, Multicontrol and Real Time Control. This unit allows intrinsically and/or extrinsically to change the span, gains; proportional, integral, derivate parameters; etc, inreal time.
15.- The Computer Control System with SCADA allows a realindustrial simulation.
16.- This unit is totally safe as uses mechanical, electrical and electronic, and software safety devices.
17.- This unit can be used for doing applied research.
18.- This unit can be used for giving training courses to Industries even to other Technical Education Institutions.
19.- Control of the AG-328 unit process through the controlinterface box without the computer.
20.- Visualization of all the sensors values used in the AG-328 unit process.


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