SKU: AD-581

Electrical Safety Tester-1

- AC/DC withstand voltage test & ground bond test .Insulation resistance test
- Arc detection
- Zero crossing turn-on,turn-off operation switch
- Controllable ramp-up time
- Ture RMS cut-off current measurement
- Automatic fail indicator of alarm lamp and buzzer
- VFD display
- Standard PLC interface
- Option RS-232,RS-485.


- AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Test
- Test Time:0.1~ 999S
- Accuracy:±(2%+2digits)
- Insulation Resistance Test
- Resistance Range:1~1000MΩ
- Voltage Range:250V,500V,1000V
- Accuracy:±(5%+5digits)
- Input Voltage:110~127VAC±10%, 220~240VAC±10% Switchable.

Model Output Voltage Output Current Test Capacity Size(W×H×D) Weight(kg)
AD-581-1 0~5KVAC 0~100mAAC 500VA 320×150×280mm 11
AD-581-2 0~5KVAC/DC 0~100/20mAAC/DC 500VA 320×150×280mm 11
AD-581-3 0~5KVAC 0~20mAAC 100VA 320×150×320mm 11
AD-581-4 0~5KVAC/DC 0~20/10mAAC/DC 100VA 320×150×280mm 11
AD-581-5 0~10KVAC/DC 0~20/10mAAC/DC 200VA 320×150×400mm 11
AD-581-6 0~5KVAC 0~100mAAC 500VA 320×150×320mm 12.5
AD-581-7 0~5KVAC/DC 0~100/20mAAC/DC 500VA 320×150×320mm 12.5
AD-581-8 0~5KVAC 0~20mAAC 100VA 320×150×320mm 12.5
AD-581-9 0~5KVAC/DC 0~20/10mAAC/DC 100VA 320×150×400mm 12.5


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