SKU: AD-575

Transistor Characteristic Grapher

- Display all kinds of curves character semiconductor
- Static parameter measurement
- Ultimate parameter measure without damaging components.

Technical data AD-575
Deflectioncoefficient of vertical axis Scope of collector current 10μA/div~0.2A/div (mag.×10), 14 steps, error±5%
Scope drain per current of diode 5μA/div~10mA/div, 11steps, error±5%
Base voltage 0.05V~0.5V, 4steps, error±5%
Deflection coefficient of horizontal axis Scope of collector voltage 0.05V/div~50V/div, 10 steps, error±5%
Scope drain voltage of diode 0.05V~0.5V, 4steps, error±5%
Base voltage 0.05V~0.5V, 4steps, error±5%
Step signal Stage number per cluster 0~10 class continuous to be adjustable
Peak voltage 0~50V, 0~500V
Collector sweep supply Max.current of sweep supply each grade 0~50V/2A
Dissipation resistance 0, 10kΩ, error±10%
Power consumption limiting resistance about 0~100kΩ continuous to be adjustable
Capacitive current less than 5μA as 500V
Power source 220VAC±10%, 50Hz±2Hz
Dimension(W×H×D) 430×320×150mm
Weight 9.5kg


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