SKU: GLA-1000 Series

Logic Analyzer

The GLA-1000 Series is a palm-sized PC based logic analyzer with functionality matching that of a desktop device. A maximum 32 channels, 32Mbits of data memory (GLA-1032), a 200MHz internal sampling rate and advanced trigger settings provide high accuracy and lengthy data analysis results. Features, such as Data-loss-less compression, Enable Qualifier, and Serial Bus Protocol Analyzer, provide you with a tool to adequately analyze today's complex digital systems. All data and configurations can be saved into a PC for further data analysis. The GLA-1000 Series operates over a high speed USB 2.0 connection and is fully powered by the USB bus.

* 32/16 Input Channel 
* Time Analysis : Up to 200MHz Internal Sampling Rate 
* State Analysis : Up to 100MHz External Input Clock 
* Memory Depth : Up to 2Mbits/1Mbits (Half/Full Channels) 
* Enable Qualifier : High/Low Level Enable and Enable Delay Function 
* Signal Analyzer : I2C, RS-232C Protocol Analyzer and Signal Statistics 
* File Export : Signal Data, Operation Setting and Display Image 
* USB 2.0 Supported(1.1 Compatible)

User manual x 1 , Carrying Case , Software CD-ROM
Probe - GTL-161 : 16 channel Testing probe x 1 for GTL-1016
Probe - GTL-161 : 16 channel Testing probe x 2 for GTL-1032/ 1132
Testing Gripper - GCP-201 x 1 : 20pcs. signal grippers for GLA-1016
Testing Gripper - GCP-201 x 2 : 40pcs. signal grippers for GLA-1032/ 1132
USB Cable - GTL-242 : USB cable (USB 2.0 Type A - Type B, 4P) x 1

GLA-1016 16 Channels, 256Kbit/Channel
GLA-1032 32 Channels, 128Kbit/Channel
GLA-1132 32 Channels 1Mbit/Channel (Long Memory)


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