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Photovoltaic installation analyzer

AN-010 is an analyzer for professional solar installations for testing, maintaining, troubleshooting andchecking the efficiency of solar panels. It also provides useful help for installing solar panels. AN-010 can determine the appropriate rating of switches and the optimum position of panels for best yield. It also enables the detection of defective panels. Linked to the two amps and watts measurement clamps, it reads the electrical characteristics upstream and downstream of an inverter. Two sensors, to be attached to a panel, send temperature and radiation data to the analyzer. Using a PC the software supplied directly displays and prints out all the electrical characteristics of the photovoltaic installation. This data is displayed as curves. The AN-010 analyzer measures and displays:

• the search for maximum solar energy (Pmax) with the AUTO SCAN function (1000V, 12A)

• the maximum voltage (Vmaxp) at Pmax

• the maximum current (Imaxp) at Pmax

• the open circuit voltage (Vopen)

• the short-circuit current (Ishort)

• the I / V curve of a panel or set of solar panels.

• The efficiency calculation (%) of your installation

• Solar radiation as W/m²

• The temperature of your solar panel All these functions are accessible through the software. Using the amps and watts clamps

• P min/max as DC/AC upstream and downstream of the inverter. Digital display and as curves.

• U and I min/max as DC / AC upstream and downstream of the inverter.

• The power factor as AC. All the readings taken can be saved as easy to recover dated files.


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