SKU: AN-099

Solar analyser

Package includes:

• bag

• AC power

• accumulators

• cables connecting panels

• USB cable and software.

• Current/voltage graph drawing (characteristic of the solar panel)

• Autoscan search of the solar panel maximum power – Pmax (60V – 6A)

• Maximal voltage Vmaxp at Pmax power

• Maximal voltage Imaxp at Pmax power

• Opened circuit voltage Vopen

• Short-circuit opened Ishort

• I = f(V) graph with a cursor

• Efficiency calculation in %

• Power by area unit (in W/m2)

• Manual test for a particular point

• Range 10V / accuracy 0.001V Range 60V / accuracy 0.01V Range 1A / accuracy 0.1mA Range 6A / accuracy 1mAAccuracy 1% + 18dgt


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