SKU: AR-184

trinocular inverted microscope for phase contrast fluorescence applications

Eyepieces  Pair DIN HWF Plan10x/22 Head  Trinocular with 45° inclined tubes with extended low and high positions for eyepieces and a photo port. One diopter adjustment. Interpupillary distance of 54 to 75 mm. Trinocular head split bino/trino 100:0 or 80:20 Nosepiece  Revolving quintuple nosepiece on ball-bearings Objectives  Infinity color corrected long working distance Plan Fluarex 10x/0.25 and Plan Phase Fluarex 20x/0.40 and S40x/0.65 IOS objectives. Corrected for 1.2 mm glass thickness. All optical parts are anti-fungus treated Stages  Large stage 250 x 230 mm with coaxial mechanical 120 x 78 mm X-Y stage. Delivered with transparent glass insert, a metal insert and a 35 mm Petri dish holder Condenser  Kohler N.A. 0.30 condenser for 72 mm working distance. With slider for phase contrast rings and slider for 45 mm diameter green interference filter Focusing adjustment  Coaxial 9 mm coarse and 200 μm fine adjustments, 2 μm precision. Friction adjustment Episcopic illumination  Intensity adjustable 30 W halogen with internal 90-240 V power supply Diascopic illumination 100 W mercury vapor high pressure lamp. External 90/240 V power supply Fluorescence equipment  2 position filter block with standard delivered with 2 fluorescence filter sets for Green EX480-550 DM570 EM590 and Blue EX460-490 DM500 EM590


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