SKU: AE-008

Half full size and high performance cycler

  1. The cycler 005 provides the researcher with the means of accurately controlling the temperature profile of samples. It has many scientific applications, including DNA amplification and sequencing.
  2. The cycler 005 can cycler samples between 4◦c and 99◦c.
  3. The cycler 005 is programmed by means of an integral keypad and LCD display. A program, which can be recalled from memory, consists of:
  • A series of specified temperatures in ◦c
  • The times for which each specified temperature will be held(Hold Times)
  • The desired heating or cooling rates, in ◦c/sec, between each specified temperature
  • Optional instructions as to whether the times and/or the temperatures are to increase or decrease when a cycle is repeated.

   4. The memory can store up to 100 programs.

   5. Two interchangeable blocks are available for this model: 0.2ml x 48 and 0.5ml x 30 wells blocks

   6. Which have less  sample compartment but with higher ramping rate: 0.2ml x 48(standard) and 0.5ml x 30 wells blocks have more wells but less ramping rate.


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