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Computer Controlled Three Dimensions (3D) Physics SYSTEM

AG-001consists of the following parts :

1- AG-001_FUB Base structure and Robot:

Anodized aluminium structure. Metallic elements in steel.

Cartesian robot, controlled by 3 motors.

Movement in the X, Y and Z axes.

Support for the different sensors.

Robot arm, computer controlled, with a sweeping area.

Electronic box for the motors multiplexing. This Electronic box is controlled by a PLC allocated into the Control Interface Box.


2- AG-001_CIB.Control Interface Box:

Control interface box with process diagram in the front panel and with the same distribution that the different elements located in the unit, for an easy understanding by the student.

All sensors, with its respective signals, are properly manipulated for -10 to +10V computer output.

Sensors connectors in the interface have different pines numbers (from 2 to 16), to avoid connection errors. Single cable between the control interface box and computer.

The unit control elements are permanently computer controlled, without need of changes or connections during the whole process test procedure.

Shield and filtered signals to avoid external interferences.

Conventional mechanical and electrical protection systems, and also, computer protection and in a simultaneous way. 

3- AG-001_DAB Data Acquisition Board:

PCI Data acquisition board (National Instruments) to be placed in a computer slot.

Bus PCI.

Analog input:

Number of channels= 16 single-ended or 8 differential.

Resolution=16 bits, 1 in 65536.

Maximum Sampling rate up to: 250 KS/s (Kilo samples per second).

Input range (V)= ± 10V.

Data transfers=DMA, interrupts, programmed I/0.

Number of DMA channels=6.

Analog output:

Number of channels=2. 

Resolution=16 bits, 1 in 65536.

Maximum output rate up to: 833 KS/s.

Output range(V)= ±10.

Data transfers=DMA, interrupts, programmed I/0.

Digital Input/Output:

Number of channels=24 inputs/outputs.

D0 or DI Sample Clock frequency: 0 to 1 MHz.


Counter/timers=2.  Resolution: Counter/timers: 32 bits.

4- Sets of components for doing the main exercises and practices.

5- Cables and Accessories.

6- Manuals:

This system is supplied with 8 manuals for each application: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Interface and Control Software, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance, Calibration & Practices Manuals.


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