SKU: BA-207

Photosynthesis Experiment Kit

Your students can do the photosynthesis experiment and see the test result within 10 minutes, and do experiments with light sources of different color, which will allow various fun and interesting experiments.


- This kit revolutionarily shortens the experiment time compared to the traditional photosynthesis experiment. Usually within 10 minutes, one can see the result.

- The photosynthesis chamber and the light box are put into one piece for easy preparation and installable.

- With LED, the life span of the light source of this kit is several time longer than other types of light source.

- Experiments with different light colors for the same conditions can be done, and data can be compared for further study. The single light box can provide red, green, blue, and white color respectively.

- Experiment results are very accurate.

- This kit can be used with data sensors for data collection activities.









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